5 Strategies to Stay on Track With New Year’s Resolutions

woman staying on track with yoga new years resolutions

There’s something magical about the excitement of setting new goals and new year’s resolutions. During early January, you’re highly motivated, and you may be seeing some mental or physical results of the changes you’ve made. But after a whole month of implementing changes, the motivation starts to wane.

Suddenly getting up for that 5 am workout isn’t as exciting as it used to be. Food prep on Sunday afternoon becomes a hassle. And that extra glass of wine feels almost medically necessary to get through the week. These things happen, but it doesn’t mean you can’t find ways to stay on track with your new year’s resolutions. It just takes a bit of planning and some support.

Celebrate Your Wins

Have you lost five pounds, been to the gym 3 times a week for the entire month of January, or read for 15 minutes each day, no matter what? AMAZING! It’s time to give yourself a pat on the back and celebrate those victories.

Especially when it comes to long-term goals, you need to reflect along the way, or you risk losing sight of how far you’ve come. It’s important to focus on what you accomplish to keep motivation high. Otherwise, you could focus on what you haven’t accomplished, which only leads to discouragement.

Ensure Continued Accountability

If you decided to go it alone for your resolutions, now is the time to reassess the need for accountability. Whether it’s a friend, neighbor, spouse, trainer, or gym community, the right accountability partner can help push you over the line if you’re lacking motivation.

You need people checking in and rooting for you to hit your goals. Maybe that means you decide to share your goals on social media or trust them with a small group of friends. Whatever you decide, make sure there is someone in your corner giving you a push to help you stay on track.

Assess Your Goals

Realistic goals are key to success. But sometimes, when we’re dreaming big at the end of December, we create goals that turn out to be too aggressive as we arrive at the end of January.

For example, say you made a plan to stretch for 20 minutes a day or spend 20 minutes each day meditating or having quiet time, but life has thrown you for a loop, and you’ve only been successful in carving out those 20 minutes a few days.

That may mean it’s time to find creative ways to reframe your goal to make it more realistic in your current season. For example, maybe 20 minutes was just too aggressive, and 10 is more appropriate. Or perhaps finding a yoga class two days a week suits your lifestyle better. Changing your goal is not failure; it means you’re realistic about what you can and cannot accomplish, and you’re willing to pivot.

Rethink Your Strategy

If you like the goal you’ve set and think you can find a way to make it work, maybe it’s your strategy you need to reassess. For example, have you tried moving your 20 minutes of stretching to the evenings when you can do it in front of the TV instead of first thing in the morning when the kids could wake up early and distract you? Have you tried turning your phone on silent to avoid email notifications from getting in the way of working toward your goals?

Every Day is a Fresh Start

Yesterday may not have worked out exactly as you planned, but every day is a fresh start. Every day is day one and a new opportunity to reset. So if you fall off your plan, miss a few days at the gym, or have a day of unhealthy eating, get back on track as quickly as possible. There’s no need to wait for Monday, or a new month, or a new year to begin again.

The Final Word About Staying on Track With New Year’s Resolutions

If you’re working toward a meaningful goal, you’ll always be able to find your way back. Be sure to celebrate your wins along the way and lean on an accountability partner to remind you why you started when you’re feeling weak. If your goals end up being unrealistic, take time to reassess your goals and your strategy. Then, always remember that each day offers a new set of choices, and you can reset anytime you want.

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