Why Do Some People Lose Weight Faster Than Others?

apples vs. donuts for losing weight

Comparison. This is a tough obstacle to overcome, especially when it comes to weight loss. Whether you’re watching other people in the gym around you or are starting a weight loss journey with a friend or spouse, it feels like people are constantly comparing their speed of weight loss to those around them.

Any ladies said this before? “My husband decided to stop drinking and he dropped 10 pounds like it was nothing, why can’t I do that?” or “Susie and I started a nutrition plan together but she’s lost twice as much weight as me, what am I doing wrong?”

Well, you can stop saying those things right now. Because you are on a weight loss journey that is yours alone. But we can help to shed a bit of light on why some people lose weight faster.

The truth is several factors determine the speed of weight loss, including these two big ones.

1. Stress Eating vs. Stress Avoiding

Everyone handles stress differently. Some feed it. Others lose their appetite and don’t want anything to do with food. And which one you are can have a dramatic impact on your weight loss journey. So getting a handle on stress management that’s separate from food can be beneficial.

Other ideas for stress management include working out, whether lifting weights or a brief walk. Meditation and using breathwork have also become popular options for stress relief in recent years. Whatever you choose, be sure to practice it regularly to get the most benefit.

2. Metabolism

Men naturally have higher testosterone and more muscle mass which translates to a higher metabolism. As a result, 9 out of 10 times, if a man and woman are both trying to lose weight, the man will lose weight faster. So you can get mad at the universe instead of directing it at your poor husbands.

There are a few things like age and hormones that will impact metabolism. But you can address it. Adding a strength training regimen and adapting your exercise routine to increase muscle mass can help you become a fat-burning machine.

But keep in mind that what you eat can affect how you feel and how much you want to work out. If you’re fueling your body with excess sugar, alcohol, or processed foods, it’s not going to burn as efficiently as someone eating whole foods.

Focus on Consistency, Not Speed

It’s possible to lose a lot of weight really quickly. But unfortunately, those people who lose major poundage in just two to three weeks tend to put it back on, plus some, just as quickly. So what we encourage our clients to strive for is sustainable weight loss.

That means looking to lose 1-2 pounds a week through exercise and nutrition changes. This type of weight loss is reasonable, isn’t going to require you to up-end your whole life, and can be kept off for the long-term with sustained commitment. Look for long-term weight loss, not rebound weight gain.

The Last Word About Why Some People Lose Weight Faster Than Others

Weight loss doesn’t happen at the same speed for everyone. That’s why it’s critical that you follow your own weight loss journey and not get caught up comparing your journey to someone else’s. This is especially true if you’re a woman comparing your weight loss to a man. On a biological level, a man will lose weight faster, and that’s that.

Instead, focus on sustainable, long-term weight loss that includes moving more and managing your nutrition. That way, you’ll achieve your weight loss goals while also feeling your absolute best.

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