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What is the Lymphatic System?

woman massaging lymphatic system

You need to eat healthily and get exercise. Those two ideas are pumped into our brains every day, but something like the importance of the lymphatic system isn’t something you hear a lot about. The lymphatic system consists of lymph nodes, glands, the tonsils, the spleen, and the thymus gland. It’s part of the circulatory […]

What’s a Reasonable Amount of Weight Loss Per Week?

person checking weight loss progress on scale

Beach season is arriving quickly in the south. And that means the number one thing on people’s minds is how to lose as much weight as possible before slipping into that bikini. Here at Foundation FIT, we’re ready to help you tackle your weight loss goals. But it’s important that we come at it from […]

What is a Calorie Deficit?

salad for calorie deficit and weight loss

Weight loss is a huge thing on people’s minds around this time of year. And generally, when someone wants to lose weight, their first thought is to cut back on how much they’re eating. Consuming fewer calories than you burn is called being in a calorie deficit. But simply hopping into a calorie deficit doesn’t […]

Why Do Some People Lose Weight Faster Than Others?

apples vs. donuts for losing weight

Comparison. This is a tough obstacle to overcome, especially when it comes to weight loss. Whether you’re watching other people in the gym around you or are starting a weight loss journey with a friend or spouse, it feels like people are constantly comparing their speed of weight loss to those around them. Any ladies […]

Should I Focus on More Weights or Cardio to Lose Weight?

woman doing cardio for weight loss

For weight loss, should I do more weights or more cardio? This is hands down one of the most popular questions we hear. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the most confusing questions in the fitness industry, and frequently we see it addressed wrong. As a team of certified fitness trainers, our answer is that it […]

What is Cellulite and How Do I Get Rid of it?

Woman's legs in pool

As women, somewhere we took a wrong turn and became so critical of the physical appearance of our bodies. Never mind the fact that we are beacons of strength, literally bringing life into the world. I mean, how could we possibly live with these dimples on our thighs that we lovingly call cellulite? You know […]

How Soon After Starting to Work Out Will I See Results?

starting to see exercise results

We live in an instant gratification world. You can get an Amazon package to your door within a day and food from virtually any restaurant you please within the hour. So when new clients walk into our gym, they’re looking to know how soon after starting to work out will they start to see results? […]

Is it Possible to Spot Reduce Fat or Lose Weight from a Certain Area?

woman with measuring tape around stomach to track weight loss

As personal trainers, the question of spot reduction is one we get all the time. Clients come into our gym and ask: “How do I lose fat from my arms/legs/stomach/{insert nagging body part of choice here}?” The first thing to understand about spot reduction is that it’s a completely normal desire. Sometimes you look at […]