Busy Schedule? Here’s How to Fit in Your Work Out

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It’s true what they say. Getting started is the hardest part. And many of our clients hesitate to get started with a fitness routine because of lack of time. They turn to us and ask, “how can I fit in a work out with a busy schedule?”

Check Your Mindset

We have an arsenal of ideas for how to free up more time in your schedule for a workout, but it all truly comes down to mindset.

How bad do you want it?

We advise potential clients to make a list of why they want this goal in the first place. The list should consist of both physical and non-physical reasons. Maybe you want to fit back into your wedding dress, but you also crave better sleep at night. List out every reason you need to make exercise part of your schedule now.

Once you get your mindset right, the body will follow.

Remove Before You Add

Picture everything you do each day like a game of Jenga. You start with getting the kids and yourself ready, add more blocks for food prep and packing lunches, another block for laundry, ad so on. By the time you hit the evening, your Jenga stack may have long since toppled over. The more you keep adding to your pile, the more unbalanced it gets, and it’s eventually going to crumble.

That means adding exercise on top of an already too tall stack is fighting a losing battle. You’ll need to get rid of something else before you add an exercise regimen.

That might simply mean that for 3 days a week, you silence your social media accounts or limit how much time you spend on them. It might mean that the house doesn’t get cleaned for the days you work out, or the responsibility needs to shift to a significant other or older child. You may need to go to bed an hour earlier so you can get up earlier for your workout. Whatever you decide, you need to take something off the pile before adding working out on top.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

With a tight schedule, you don’t need to exercise for an hour every day. You simply need to work out smarter, not harder. You can get the same benefits from a shorter amount of working out. Maybe that means you opt for a 30-minute exercise session instead of a full hour if you’re working with a trainer.

It may also mean you opt for the 20-minute yoga power flow video instead of the 45-minute easy flow. Remember that all movement is good, so even choosing to move your body for 5 minutes can help boost your mood and get you going in the right direction.

Schedule Your Exercise

We make appointments for oil changes, doctor’s appointments, and kids’ events. So why shouldn’t we make an appointment to work out with a busy schedule? That’s right, we should!

Sit down on Sundays and schedule out your workouts for the week. Make these appointments mandatory and do your best to not let family, friends, or co-workers schedule on top of them. Then, most importantly, show up and hold yourself accountable throughout the week. Loop in a friend or trainer to keep you accountable as needed. Extra support is never a bad thing when it comes to helping you stick to your fitness plan.

Plan Ahead

Nail down your workout plan to the smallest detail. Make sure you know the answers to questions like:

  • Where will I work out? Are you going to the gym, the living room, the garage?
  • Is my workout space set up? Is the garage so full of junk I won’t be able to pull the barbell out at all? Is my appointment with my trainer set, and do they know what time to expect me?
  • What exercises will I do? Plan for exactly what you’ll train down to the sets and reps. Waiting until the day of means you may ask yourself, “What do I feel like doing?” and we all know the answer to that may be “nothing.”
  • Am I prepared for pre and post-workout? Plan your fuel for both pre and post-workout. What will you eat or drink, and at what times before and after you exercise?

The Last Word About Finding Time to Work Out With a Busy Schedule

Life gets busy. We get it. And some seasons may be more difficult to find the time than others. If you’re struggling with finding time to work out, try out the tips above or consider working with a personal trainer who can help with writing workouts you can do at home when you have a few minutes. Having a clear plan can help ensure you make time for yourself and your workouts each week.

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