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A New Way to Think About Setting Great New Year’s Resolutions

Notebook for setting great new year's resolutions

With each new year, people tend to make the same resolutions. I want to lose 20 pounds. I want to stop eating sugar. I want to make more money. These vague resolutions rarely make an impact. So this year, approach your New Year’s Resolutions with a different twist. First, we’ll walk you through breaking up […]

How to Stay Sane Through the Holidays

man not staying sane through the holidays

The holidays tend to be a crazy time. And there are years when you blink, and the month of December is gone. So this year, focus on setting up your holidays for success. And that will create the right mindset for you to set up successful new year’s resolutions. Breaking Down the Holiday Season Visualization […]

How Do I Stay Healthy During the Holidays?

work gathering during the holidays

The Holidays are upon us! Once again, we’re entering into that magical season of the year that seems to be at once incredibly overwhelming and oh so rewarding. We fill our souls with quality time with those we love. And we also tend to overfill our cups (and our plates) with lots of booze and […]