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8 Excuses Keeping You From Healthy Eating and Exercise

Excuses you need to stop making to exercise and eat healthy

It feels almost easy when you’re in the flow of eating well and exercising regularly. You fall into a natural rhythm. You’re consistently going to the same classes at the gym and regularly prepping food on the weekends. It’s all clicking! But unfortunately, that’s the exception, not the norm, and many of us find ourselves […]

Is it Possible to Spot Reduce Fat or Lose Weight from a Certain Area?

woman with measuring tape around stomach to track weight loss

As personal trainers, the question of spot reduction is one we get all the time. Clients come into our gym and ask: “How do I lose fat from my arms/legs/stomach/{insert nagging body part of choice here}?” The first thing to understand about spot reduction is that it’s a completely normal desire. Sometimes you look at […]